Managing Calendar Locations

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Managing Calendar Locations


Locations are where a calendar event occurs.  You can specify a location when creating an event or you can create saved locations here that can be selected from a list when creating an event.

By specifying a location when creating an event, you make that information available when a user clicks on an event on the calendar.

You are able to save details such as address, driving directions, contact information, use guidelines and links to maps and weather forecasts.

Manage Calendar Locations by navigating to Admin Menu > Locations. This allows you to Add, Edit or Delete saved locations.

To Add a location just click on the Add button to display a screen for entering the location’s information.

To Edit or Delete an existing location, select the location name from the list and click the appropriate button.

Conflict Prevention: You are also able to set options that will prevent more than one event occurring at a location at the same time.  Use conflict prevention to prevent double booking of facilities or other type of location.

Allowed Locations: Your calendar comes with a set maximum number of locations you can create and manage.  If you require more locations, Email CalendarWiz to upgrade for more locations.

Allowed Locations With Conflict Prevention: Your calendar comes with a set maximum number of locations for which you can set up conflict prevention. Email CalendarWiz to upgrade for more locations allowed with conflict prevention.

(See Adding or Editing Locations)

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