Link Your Shared Calendar to Dropbox

If your team or group uses Dropbox to share files, it may make sense to include a link to your CalendarWiz shared calendar in Dropbox.  This article provides the steps to link your Dropbox to your CalendarWiz calendar:

Step 1:  Go to in a browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer and Login.
Please note that going to your local computer’s Dropbox will not work.  Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the Dropbox folder where you want to put your calendar link.



Step 2: Next, open a new window in your browser, not a new tab.  This is important.  Click the settings menu in upper right of browser and select New Window.

Go to your CalendarWiz calendar, using your standard calendar link, in this format:

Step 3: Here’s the trick, you’re going to “drag” your CalendarWiz calendar link from one window and “drop” it into your Dropbox folder that’s in the 2nd window.  Ok, start dragging.



Step 4: Drag the link over to your Dropbox and drop it where you want it.


Step 5:  You’re done!  Your team or group will now see the link appear in their Dropbox on their computer.  Just a double click will launch your shared calendar.