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New Mobile Calendar App

We love making the CalendarWiz experience better for you.   That’s why we’re excited to announce some awesome updates to the CalendarWiz Mobile App. Here’s what’s new… Category Colors displayed alongside each event, making it easy to associate an event with its category. List View lets you scroll to see what’s coming up in the schedule or… Read more »

Suggest Event Form with Saved Locations

We’ve just released the option to add saved locations to your Suggest Event Form!  Communities, churches, and schools that use saved locations to reserve rooms or facilities have requested this option for some time. Why is this exciting?  Adding a saved locations drop down list to the form makes it easy for calendar visitors or community members… Read more »

Add Multiple Locations for Event

We’re excited to announce that you may add an event with multiple saved locations.  Many customers setup saved locations as rooms, facilities, or even equipment.  If you’re using CalendarWiz to manage facilities and rooms, your scheduling job just got easier.  If you don’t use us for room scheduling, now is the perfect time to start!… Read more »

Invites & Reminders with RSVP

We’re excited to announce that Invite with RSVP is now available in your calendar.  Start sending invites to calendar users and email subscribers.  Request a RSVP as Accept, Decline, or Maybe.  You also have the option to track attendance for your event!     How it Works 1. Sending an Invitation Start by adding an event.  Next, go… Read more »

Calendar Attachments & Images

We’re excited to announce that earlier this month CalendarWiz released a new feature dubbed, the File Manager*. Our goal was to make attaching files and embedding images in your events as simple, and fast as sending an email. All calendar plans come with FREE storage for up to 100 files. If you need more than that you can easily upgrade… Read more »

Restaurants Run Smoothly with CalendarWiz

Operating a restaurant efficiently can be very demanding. It’s often one or two individuals balancing marketing, the staff schedule, and website/social media updates, all just a few hours before opening. CalendarWiz allows restaurants to update event information in one place and instantly promote menu specials or entertainment events on their website and Facebook fan page…. Read more »

Five Reasons You Need a Web Calendar

It’s 2015 and we’re accustomed to looking  up any information we want at the touch of our fingertips. Wifi connections and web browsers are all around us. There’s likely a web browser at your desk, in your pocket, or maybe even in your television. When is the last time you checked the newspaper for stock… Read more »

Avoid Room Scheduling Snafus in 2015

The #1 reason for frustration at work is the unexpected, and often time-consuming, snafu in the day.  When there’s a room scheduling conflict, there is a lot of scrambling to find a new room and pointing fingers to blame the person responsible for the double booking. If paper or spreadsheet methods for reserving a room… Read more »

A Shared Calendar

CalendarWiz offers many different ways to organize and share your calendars with your team, community, or other groups. When you first create your calendar you’re also creating a simple web link which can be sent to anyone you wish to access your calendar. All the person needs to do is click the link and your… Read more »

Top 7 CalendarWiz Online Calendar Features for Education

We know that back to school time is hectic for teachers, parents and school administrators. That’s why we’ve created the Top 7 CalendarWiz Features list for education to help keep your school community informed about what’s happening in your school. Top 7 CalendarWiz Features For Education Instant Calendar Sharing: Share Instant calendar updates with students, parents, & faculty across any desktop, tablet, or smartphone.  One… Read more »

Discover useful features you may have missed!

We’ve done a little spring cleaning in our Admin Menu with the goal of helping you get the most out of CalendarWiz.  You’ll notice we added new Mobile App and Social Media screens to the admin menu.  Yes, we do have a Mobile App.  We’ve also added an Account section to the logged-in bar for easy access… Read more »

Calendar Enhancements Are Headed Your Way

Dear Customers, This Monday, March 3rd, 2014, you’ll notice some reorganization and enhancements being made to the top section of your calendar. These changes won’t affect calendar operation and don’t require any action on your part. Let’s take a look at some of the improvements you’ll likely notice right off the bat. Login button is… Read more »

New Full Event editor

Our new Full Event editor is packed with enhancements.  It’s smartphone & tablet friendly, lets you attach documents and images as well as allows code-free styling of event descriptions.  Built with the most modern web technologies, it’ll allow us to release fixes and improvements to your calendar faster than ever before. New Feature: upload documents, files,… Read more »