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Email to List User Guide

Email to List makes it easy and affordable to send beautiful, engaging emails to your users and subscribers.  What’s a subscriber you ask?  Subscribers are members of your email list who can receive email newsletters, reminders, or event invites – event request an RSVP! Our new collection of pre-built email templates make this the perfect… Read more »

Add Event Locations via Mobile

We’ve made an important update to our mobile calendar that allows you to add event location details or select from a list of saved locations.  If your saved locations are set to prevent double booking, the system will alert you of an event conflict. If you’re using saved locations for managing client addresses or room scheduling,… Read more »

Convert Subscriber to User

In some cases you may need to convert a subscriber to a user OR a user to a subscriber.    If you are wondering what the difference is between users and subscribers, learn more here. Convert user to a subscriber (or vice versa) : Step 1:  Go to Admin Menu > Users & Subscribers Step 2: … Read more »