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Export for simple reporting

Our export feature can be helpful in a number of ways.  Export is most commonly used to keep a local backup of your events handy or to import events to another calendar program.   We’ve recently seen customers using export as a simple reporting tool and thought we’d share some tips for using export in reporting.   Here’s… Read more »

Get Started with Mobile App

We’ve just added some awesome updates to our mobile app, making now the perfect time to start using CalendarWiz on your phone.  The mobile calendar is compatible with any smartphone, Android, iPhone, etc. Here’s how to get started… Step 1: There’s nothing to download.  Simply open your phone browser, which is Safari or Chrome in most cases…. Read more »

Easy Website Calendar Integration

Our Website Integration tool makes it easy to add your calendar to any website and look great on any device. Get started by going to: Admin Menu > under Website Plugins > Website Integration Introduction: The Website Integration tool lets calendar administrators create code to embed into any website or website builder such as SquareSpace,… Read more »

Link Your Shared Calendar to Dropbox

If your team or group uses Dropbox to share files, it may make sense to include a link to your CalendarWiz shared calendar in Dropbox.  This article provides the steps to link your Dropbox to your CalendarWiz calendar: Step 1:  Go to in a browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer and Login. Please note… Read more »

Multi-Day Banner Events

A multi-day event is an individual event that spans more than one day, for example a vacation, seminar, project, travel schedule or fundraiser.   These events appear as a banner from the event start day to the event end day. If you’d like this feature turned on in your calendar, email us at Here’s how it… Read more »

Suggest Event Form

The “Suggest Event Form” allows community members or clients to submit events to your calendar for approval.  Suggested events must be reviewed and approved by a calendar administrator or manager prior to appearing on the calendar. Our customers use this form in a variety of ways.  For example, communities and online magazines love the suggest form… Read more »

Add a Quick Event

It’s quick and easy to add events using our Quick Event editor, seen below. To add events that repeat or require additional details, check out the Full Event editor. Here’s how it works…. STEP 1: Select Event Date Click a calendar day cell or click the + to add an event on that day. You… Read more »

Adding & Editing Events

The Full Event editor offers an expanded feature set for adding repeating events or events that require additional detail. Explore tabs in Full Editor to add an event description, file attachment, event contact info or select more than one category or more than one location. Here’s how to add a Full Event…   STEP 1:… Read more »

Email to List User Guide

Email to List makes it easy and affordable to send beautiful, engaging emails to your users and subscribers.  What’s a subscriber you ask?  Subscribers are members of your email list who can receive email newsletters, reminders, or event invites – event request an RSVP! Our new collection of pre-built email templates make this the perfect… Read more »

Add Event Locations via Mobile

We’ve made an important update to our mobile calendar that allows you to add event location details or select from a list of saved locations.  If your saved locations are set to prevent double booking, the system will alert you of an event conflict. If you’re using saved locations for managing client addresses or room scheduling,… Read more »

Convert Subscriber to User

In some cases you may need to convert a subscriber to a user OR a user to a subscriber.    If you are wondering what the difference is between users and subscribers, learn more here. Convert user to a subscriber (or vice versa) : Step 1:  Go to Admin Menu > Users & Subscribers Step 2: … Read more »

Adding & Editing Users

Add calendar users to your shared calendar to allow multi-user editing or viewing.   Calendar administrators may add users individually to the calendar or import a list of users. What is a calendar user? Users have a password to the calendar and may do the following: edit all events or selected calendar categories view private calendar categories… Read more »

Subscribers & Signup Form

Add a Signup Form to your website or calendar to let people join your email list.  Members of your email list are called “subscribers” because they’ve opted-in to your mailing list.  Start sharing calendar reminders, invitations with RSVP, and newsletters.  You’ll love the convenience of building and managing your email list all from your calendar. Here’s… Read more »

Managing Users & Subscribers

Start sharing your calendar by adding users and subscribers.  BOTH users and subscribers can receive event Reminders, Announcements & Email to List Newsletters as well as RSVP to events. Here’s how Users and Subscribers are different… Users  Subscribers Have a password to calendar Add & edit events in all or part of calendar Login to view private… Read more »

Import Subscribers or Users

It’s easy to import subscribers, contacts, or users into CalendarWiz. Import your email list from another application in minutes.  Learn the difference between CalendarWiz Users and Subscribers. Step 1:  If you have your subscribers or contacts in another application, export  your list as a CSV file.  You can open the .csv file with MS Excel or another… Read more »

Send Email Newsletters

EmailCast offers an easy way to email your users & subscribers.  Compose, test, and email a newsletter in minutes.  You’ll find EmailCast in the Admin Menu under the “Apps” section. How EmailCast works…   1. Compose Your Email Start composing your email and format as you like.  Upload and insert images into the email using the File Manager feature. If… Read more »

RSVP & Attendance Tracking

Use the Full Event editor to request a RSVP to an event invitation, announcement or reminder.   Track attendance and print for your records.  Review this user guide to learn how it works. 1. Set up an Invitation Start by adding an event.  Fill in your important event details.  To send an invitation or announcement, go to the… Read more »

Quick Start Guide for administrators

Our online calendar makes it easy to share your calendar on your website or members of a group or organization. This guide will help calendar administrators and owners quickly optimize calendar set up to meet your organization’s needs.   If you haven’t already, we welcome you to take a free 30 day trial. Get Started For… Read more »