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Setup iCal and RSS Feeds From Your Calendar

¬† iCal – RSS Feeds – Offer Automatic Delivery of Calendar Events You can offer two methods of subscribing to automatic delivery of your calendar’s events: iCal is based on the iCalendar standard format for sharing calendar events with compatible programs like Apple calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendars, Mozilla Thunderbird, iPhone calendar, and other programs…. Read more »

Setting up CalendarWiz iCal Feed in Apple, Outlook, and Google

¬†Setting Up CalendarWiz iCal Feed Subscription In Apple iCal, Outlook & Google Calendar You can feed your CalendarWiz events directly into Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Google Calendar. Click on the following links for instructions: Setting up iCal feed into Mac or iCloud Setting up iCal feed into Outlook Setting up iCal feed into… Read more »

How to Use Calendar Categories

Calendar Categories Use categories to organize events inside your calendar. For example, you might create a category for each department in your organization or for each staff member. You can add or edit categories to fit your needs. Categories have a number of useful features: – Color-code categories for easy viewing – Public categories for… Read more »