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Add Event Board to your website

Our new “Event Board” lets you display events in an attractive posterboard layout.  It’s easy to embed the Event Board into any website so you can share your calendar events in a modern and interesting way.  By the way, it looks great on any mobile or desktop device. Here’s how it looks….   Here’s how to… Read more »

Export for simple reporting

Our export feature can be helpful in a number of ways.  Export is most commonly used to keep a local backup of your events handy or to import events to another calendar program.   We’ve recently seen customers using export as a simple reporting tool and thought we’d share some tips for using export in reporting.   Here’s… Read more »

Get Started with Mobile App

We’ve just added some awesome updates to our mobile app, making now the perfect time to start using CalendarWiz on your phone.  The mobile calendar is compatible with any smartphone, Android, iPhone, etc. Here’s how to get started… Step 1: There’s nothing to download.  Simply open your phone browser, which is Safari or Chrome in most cases…. Read more »