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Make the Switch to the New Event Editor

If you’re using the legacy editor you’ve likely been a customer for years.  Thank you!  We want you to get the most out of CalendarWiz, that’s why we’re asking you to switch to the newest version of our event editor. Here are just a few reasons to make the switch… 1.  Invite with RSVP Invite… Read more »

WebEx Online Calendar Alternative

  It’s come to our attention that the WebEx Web Office service will be shutting down, with End-of-Life on November 30th 2014. We understand that many folks will be searching for alternative software to run businesses, personal, or family calendars online. Free Support Our CalendarWiz support team is here to help import your existing calendar… Read more »

Google Calendar Alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to Google Calendar? CalendarWiz is a highly customizable and versatile calendar that helps thousands of people run their business, organization, and personal calendars online.  Our Basic CalendarWiz Subscription starts at just $9.00 per month. Why Choose CalendarWiz? Free Support CalendarWiz offers fast, friend, and free email support.  We are… Read more »

AirSet Calendar Alternative

It’s come to our attention that the service will be shutting down officially on July 25th 2014. While we wish the team at AirSet the best with future endeavors, we understand that many folks are left searching for alternative software to run business, community, or group calendars online. Free Support Our CalendarWiz support team is here… Read more »

CalendarWiz and the Heartbleed bug

Dear Customers, By now you’ve likely heard about the vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library known as Heartbleed. Heartbleed exposed a potential security threat to an extremely large number of websites including CalendarWiz, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, MineCraft, TurboTax, and many others. We wanted to communicate how CalendarWiz has handled this situation. First, there are… Read more »

New Interface Design Rollout

You may have noticed that CalendarWiz has been making some changes recently.  These enhancements have included new social media links, a quick add event feature, and a new advanced event editor. These and future changes are driven by your requests, new technology and to lay a foundation for future developments such as subscriber emailing and… Read more »