Avoid Room Scheduling Snafus in 2015

The #1 reason for frustration at work is the unexpected, and often time-consuming, snafu in the day.  When there’s a room scheduling conflict, there is a lot of scrambling to find a new room and pointing fingers to blame the person responsible for the double booking.

If paper or spreadsheet methods for reserving a room are letting you down, the solution may be as simple (and affordable) as an shared online calendar.

Michael Martinho, the Facility Operations Director at UNC Wellness Center, understands just how important a shared calendar can be when it comes to room scheduling.


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“Before CalendarWiz, it was difficult for staff from different departments to see schedules and reserve a room. Now, we have a core team of calendar managers that can schedule a classroom or conference room from anywhere.”


The advantages to using a shared calendar certainly go beyond room scheduling.  Shared calendars by CalendarWiz include website plugins that provide instant updates to your website as well – a very helpful feature for the UNC Wellness Center as they offer hundreds of classes to their valued members each week.


“We added the full calendar to our website and Facebook Page for its ease of use, speed and user-friendly format. We also added the CalendarWiz mobile version to our site so that our members can easily access the calendar on mobile devices.” – Michael Martinho

When it comes to sharing rooms or facilities in the new year, the calendar you share is at the heart of it all.  We welcome you to learn how CalendarWiz can help with your room scheduling.

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