Adding Calendar Logos and Links

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Calendar Logos and Links


To add or edit calendar logos, navigate to Admin Menu > Logos. Upload your logo to the left and/or right of your calendar title. Each logo can also have its own website link (URL) to any web page so when visitors click on the logo that web page will open.

Start by preparing your logo file on your computer. Use only .jpg or .gif or .png files with storage size of 1 MegaByte or less.  For best results, we recommend your logo image be a maximum of 80 pixels high.

Upload Logos

  • Click the [Browse] button to browse your computer and locate your logo for upload.
  • Click the [Upload Image File] button to upload your logo.
  • Resize your logo as needed by using the “Smaller” slide bar. To get an exact dimension use the left and right arrow keys. We recommend a max height of 80px.
  • Click the [Go to Calendar] button at the top of screen to see your calendar logos. You may delete logos and upload again to make adjustments.
  • Optionally, add a website link to your logo and how you’d like the website link to behave by selecting the “Link Action” type. Click [Save Link Options]
  • Repeat the steps above to add a Right Logo.


If you need assistance with your logo, email us at: with your logo file attached.


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